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You really must try this Cantonese style salad from Home for Dinner! with Napa cabbage and other wonderful veggies and a delicious Cantonese-style dressing, it's light but loaded with flavor! What a joy to experience the flavors of China right in your own home!

Who says healthy food can�t also be delicious? With these recipes even a novice in the kitchen can create dishes to wow the toughest critic�and then talk knowledgeably about the health benefits of each! In fact, just reading this book will make you feel healthier�and smarter! And the best thing is that IT'S ONLY 2.99! Oh yeah! GET IT NOW!

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Quick and easy vegan recipes to make your taste buds grin plus information you can use to guard your health!

Below is a slide show featuring some of the recipes from this book.

Nothing says autumn like this stuffed acorn squash from Home for Dinner Cookbook! With "sausage" and apple, dried cherries and orange, it's a cornucopia of delicious flavors that will warm you body and soul!


Jane Fireb writes on Amazon: Another fantastic cookbook from Vila Spiderhawk!,
Wonderful vegetarian cookbook! You will love the recipes in this collection. There is an amazing assortment and every one that I've tried is delicious! Vila Spiderhawk is a delight to read, and her cookbooks are no exception. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, there is sure to be some recipes you will treasure in this book. I highly recommend it!

On facebook, Dorothy comments: Dorothy Grace Laity Fin, this is the writer I was telling you about. I can't tell you how great Home For Dinner is!

I am having such fun with this book creating dishes that my family is enjoying enormously! And I have never been known as a good cook! LIOL!

  � Kim Blanchine

Dorothy Grace Laity says: I have "Home for Dinner". It's been so useful & rapidly become my go-to whenever we have company (esp when Tof has important guests from his astronomy club).

This book has been a great addition to my collection of Vila SpiderHawk books. Vila has a great knack of writing, and this recipe book is just so magick. I love this book.

  � Rob Morini

Vila, I have loved all your fiction so far and am just about to start reading Discovering Hope. But I didn't know you could cook too! Oh my God! I just got Home for Dinner Cookbook, and I honestly didn't know what to make first! All these recipes looked so good! Well, I tried the Asian Noodles and loved it! Then I tried the Blueberry Tofu Pie. I think I have found heaven! You make even me look competent in the kitchen! Thank you for this! Now I have to try your other cookbooks!

  � Candi Schmidt

By moonwillow

All of vila's books are amazing, her cookbooks are filled with tips on what to use (brands that work best ) and they are healthy, wholesome and delicious recipes. her cookbooks are the best addition to my kitchen. well... except for the finished product!

Ms D. G. Laity "D Laity" (Leitrim, Eire)

Great, sensible layout that's easy to follow. Packed full of non-patronising, straightforward health tips and explanation.

Fabulous resource - I love it!

By Coppercloud "Copper" (LA, CA USA)

I've made a few of the recipes in this book already and we had the delicious Thanksgiving bread for dinner tonight. I wondered how yeast would do in soy milk, but it really came right to life, better than I've ever seen. I also like the helpful information between the recipes! I'm looking forward to trying lots of the other recipes in the near future.

5.0 out of 5 stars Healthy and Delicious!, October 25, 2011
By Coppercloud "Copper" (LA, CA USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Home for Dinner Cookbook (Kindle Edition)

I've made a few of the recipes in this book already and we had the delicious Thanksgiving bread for dinner tonight. I wondered how yeast would do in soy milk, but it really came right to life, better than I've ever seen. I also like the helpful information between the recipes! I'm looking forward to trying lots of the other recipes in the near future.

I have been using Vila SpiderHawk's Home for Dinner Cookbook for a few weeks now, and I have to say the recipes in it are wonderful! And they're not just for vegetarians, either. My husband is a dedicated meat eater, so I just substituted actual bacon for her "soy bacon" and real chicken for the "soy chicken" she suggests in some of the dishes. In other dishes I just added meat for him. But after having read the nutritional information in this book, I have decided to make the other recipes as they are written. Honestly, I am going to make every single thing in this book. I haven't found a loser yet, and I'm a fussy eater. Cheers for this excellent cookbook! Now I'm going to try her Forest Song Cookbook!

Madeline O'Connell

I already love it [Home for Dinner Cookbook] and I haven't even made one recipe from it. They all sound so delicious and easy to prepare and I really like the fact that they don't have a bunch of hard to find ingredients. I bought a different vegan book from a book store and when I got it home and really started looking at it, all I could think was, "Where am I going to find these ingredients?"

  � Carole Craig

Wonderful cookbook. Full of tasty and healthy recipes. Thank you Vila for sharing your awesome recipes. We love it! Everything we have tried so far has come out delicious, can't wait to try another

  � Dee Arney

Another fantastic cookbook by Vila Spiderhawk! I'd only just started and already my mouth was watering. Vila Spiderhawk takes the classic cookbook to a whole new level by providing the reader with valuable health information about each of the recipes as well as clear and easy to follow instructions. A "must have" for every kitchen!

  � Arianrhod Wolfchild

I received this book from Vila and was so excited. I really enjoyed the recipes from the Forest Song Cookbook and knew these would be just as good. All the recipes in this book are vegan and dairy-free should be a delight for vegans and vegetarians.

The cookbook is divided into the following categories:
Dips, Dressings, Sauces, and Uncheese
Soups and Stews
Stove Top Dishes

In the breads category I liked the Cranberry Cinnamon Bread and Quinoa Biscuits. A casserole that was a hit was the Sweet Potato, Squash, and Apples. In the desserts section the Drunken Pears was to die for! It was hard to choose a favorite in the dips, dressings, and sauce section.

The Cranberry, Walnut and Spinach Salad has become a staple here. The combination of mint and strawberries makes this a great warm weather meal. The Potato Soup was thick and hearty. One recipe that I thought was delicious in the stove top dishes was the Apricot Unchicken Tangine. I recently received the tangine as a gift and was looking forward to breaking it in.

At the end of the book is a glossary. This really comes in handy when you are not really sure what an ingredient is. I thought this was a great addition and wished that more cookbooks had one. This book has earned a special place in my kitchen!

  � Dawn Thomas

Ariel TheWind My copy of this cookbook is downloaded into my lap top,I take it to the kitchen with me and cook up a storm! Spiral spoon dancing all the way! ? I love this book . As with all her other books, I get lost in the moment always! So much talent and heart in each one! ?

It was recently my GREAT pleasure to read and USE Vila Spiderhawk's new cookbook. What a joy! It really is something else with all the information you need right there on the page with the recipe. Being the wife of a diabetes sufferer, having the food information handy was great. Made my life much easier as I didn't need to chase food values all over the internet! Everything I needed to know was already there...a fantastic innovation. Let's not forget the recipes themselves. So easy to create and the ingredients all readily available, most of which I already had in my pantry.

I created an entire 4 course meal for guests with Vila 's cookbook and I'm definitely no chef. Kudos to Vila for helping to hide that sad fact! The meals were simple, easy to prepare and absolutely delicious.

Well Done, Vila ! I may as well throw my other cookbooks away!

  � Jo Hayward Gray, author of Cat Tails and Catastrophes

Let me be clear: I am not a vegan (or even a vegetarian), but Vila Spiderhawk�s Home for Dinner Cookbook took me into a world of vegan cooking far beyond what I expected. Frankly, I expected boring dishes made from beans and rice. What I found were recipes that ranged from the simple to the fancy and from wholesome everyday meals to foods for special occasions. In addition, Vila offers brief tips about healthy food choices. Vila�s Home for Dinner Cookbook includes delightful deserts, generous main dishes, summery salads and soups hearty enough for winter. If you are new to the world of vegan food, this is a great introduction because Vila lucidly explains each step. If you want to successfully sneak more vegetarian meals onto the family dinner table, here is a book filled with tasty dishes. If you are a vegetarian looking for new recipes to serve, you�ll find them here.

  � Lillith ThreeFeathers